The Importance of Thinking Outside The ‘Crohn’s’ Box and 3 Ways to do it NOW!

living in a box

Living with the diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease can feel sometime’s like you’re living in a box.

It can feel like there’s restrictions everywhere:

1) what foods you can and can’t eat,

2) what activities you have or don’t have the energy for,

and 3) where you can and can’t go based on washroom accessibility.

Sometime’s the thoughts around Crohn’s can feel overwhelming and that your life is closing in on you.

You look on Facebook and Instagram and see all of the things your contacts are doing and you feel like somehow you missed out. It’s not fair. You want to do all of those things too!

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Vitamin C – Are You Getting Enough? An Important Antioxidant for Those Living with Crohn’s Disease

vitamin c berries

Did you know that animals have the ability to produce Vitamin C in their body?

It’s actually their livers that produce it. This is amazing!

But what happened to us humans?

Well, we got left out of the genetic coding when it came to making our own Vitamin C, so we need to rely on getting Vitamin C through our diet.

Find out why Vitamin C is so important and what foods you can find it in.

You’ll want to read this article to find out which food has the highest amount of Vitamin C. And no, it’s not an orange!

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Boost Metabolism plus Cinnamon Flax Applesauce Dessert Recipe


Boost your metabolism and kick-start your fat-burning fire with this high-fiber, high Omega-3 dessert!

Cinnamon is a great spice found in the kitchen that supports healthy insulin sensitivity.

Kick your late-night sugar and carb cravings to the curb with this delicious dessert. Your body will love you for it!

A great recipe to help you Be Healthy and Feel Fabulous.

What are you waiting for? Make it tonight!

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Crohn’s and Nutrition… Feeling A Little Confused?

Here at Tri Nutrition, we know that when it comes to Crohn’s disease nutrition is a major concern for most us.  That is why both Mark and I studied holistic nutrition specifically for Crohn’s disease.

It has always been a gut feeling that nutrition was at the center of Crohn’s disease.



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Tri Nutrition to Better Manage your Crohn’s Disease

Hello and welcome to the first blog of Tri Nutrition.

We get it.

We understand the struggle that someone living with Crohn’s disease goes through. Ashley has been living with it for 20 years.

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper

It is not easy.

Knowing that this disease carries symptoms that could potentially be with you for the rest of your life can weigh a heavy burden.

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