Be Inspired: Meet Dana @crohnscooking

ARE YOU OR DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE LIVING WITH CROHN’S DISEASE OR ULCERATIVE COLITIS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease – IBD) THAT STRIVES TO LIVE WELL DESPITE THEIR DIAGNOSIS? This can mean a whole lot of things to different people. We at Tri Nutrition want to create a space where we can meet, connect with, follow and support those Living Well with IBD and learn from each other 🙂 .  Seeing how others can Live Well with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis inspires us to also build courage, strength and faith in ourselves to Live Well, too. To us, Living Well with IBD means living as best that we possibly can with where we currently are in our journey right now.

Tri-Nutrition’s “Be Inspired” campaign has been designed to:

  1. Raise awareness of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  2. Spotlight international Leaders Living Well with Crohn’s and colitis: share their story, their top tips for others with IBD, and offer a way to connect and follow them (as a virtual ‘mentor’ and inspirator).
  3. Provide a dose of positivity, “light” and inspiration to the often very negative, difficult, emotional and life-changing events that someone with IBD experiences.


Meet Dana:

  • Dana’s Crohn’s story

  • A Crohn’s recipe from Dana

  • Connect with Dana!

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How our Environment Contributes to Disease and How To Fix It


The #1 cause of disease is stress – but there’s more to this picture than meets the eye and I’ll tell you why. Stress is more than just the stress that we experience at work or when we’re running late for an appointment. There are actually many forms of stress that we may have never thought about before.

One major stress to our body is the quality of food that we are consuming. Click Here to read why.

A second major stress to our body is environmental stress. Sorry to be a ‘Debbie-Downer’ but there is a lot more pollution floating around in the air today than there was 100 years ago – a fact we all know. There is also a lot of newly created chemicals in our standard household cleaners and daily beauty and hygiene regimes. Add to that, 24/7 vibrational, electrical pollution that our bodies and cells feel too, especially now that we all hold transmitting devices in our pockets (cell phones). Our bodies are amazing but they feel STRESSED having to figure out what to do with all of this!

This article is going to take a look at:

  • why our environment could be causing us stress,
  • tell you everything you need to know about it,
  • how to reduce this stress in your life,
  • nutritional support from your nutritionists (us!) that you can do NOW!
  • a recipe (because we love recipes!)

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Sesame-Miso Tuna Salad by Ashley Anderson, CNP


I created this recipe because I was looking for a way to get tuna into my diet. I’m really not a fan of tuna at all. The flavour just doesn’t jive with me and the highery mercury count just tops things off. But tuna is a very lean fish and great source of protein that’s easier to absorb compared to other proteins. So I figured: let’s figure out a recipe that tastes good, isn’t loaded with fat, and has lots of veggies 🙂 .

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Double Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Bites by Dana @Crohnscooking


☑️ Gluten Free. –
☑️ Dairy Free. –
☑️ Non-GMO. –
☑️ Refined Sugar free. –
☑️ Soy Free. –
☑️ Vegan. –
☑️ Organic. –
💟 Healthy!

We have been loving following Dana on her Instagram!

She has been living with Crohn’s disease for 4 years now and creates absolutely sensational, healthy recipes in the kitchen. We are so happy to share her yummy protein bites with you! Mark and I love these post-workout.

They’re a high-energy, clean-burning, high-protein, nutrient-dense recipe. We know that you will love these!

A big THANK YOU to Dana for letting us share her recipe with all of our friends!

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Ground Beef Stew Recipe by Dane Johnson

“Tonight I’m cooking my favorite healthy meal for all my crohnies out there! 

This meal is all organic, gluten free, diary free, Lectin free, soy free, corn free, BS free!!

I get around 6-8 servings out of it and it only cost me $20 bucks (this meal is based on my food allergy test as well).” – Dane


Ground Beef Stew Recipe by Dane Johnson

Serves: 6-8 people


  • 1/2 lbs ground beef
  • 5 carrots
  • 1 cucumber or 3 zucchini
  • 1 batch of celery
  • 2 tbsp Celtic salt
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp of EV coconut oil
  • 1 full onion
  • 1 full garlic clove


  1. Fill pot with purified water (I use Kangen water)
  2. Optional: Garlic powder, Cumin, Oregano, Avocado! (These are spices that I like and work best for me)
  3. Add all ingredients into Croc-pot and let it cook for 8-14 hrs depending on preference.


Very easy to digest, great for healing, very tasty and everything the body needs!

Meet Dane!

Connect with Dane on Instagram: @danejohnson1


Thank you to Dane for letting us share your recipe!

Please share this healthy recipe with friends and family, or your local Crohn’s and colitis chapter, and let’s find ways to eat more nutrition-filled whole foods 🙂

Leave a comment below and let us know how you liked this recipe 🙂